November 17, 2016

Nappy change set

Nappy Wallet and change mat - best thing ever!!! 

I have used my set for first 2 years daily.
It is just perfect for those short trips when you are out and about.

  Nappy change mat has PUL waterproof fabric on one side and cotton on the other. 
Easy to wipe off or wash.

 Change mat folds nicely and fits into wallet perfectly. 

And here is just few Nappy wallets I made lately.

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  1. Haničko, moc krásne Ti to šije, maličká rastie do krásy a Tvoje výtvory su super, nápadité a originálne.. krásne sviatočné dni prajem .... Mirka

  2. Ahoj Hani, moc se mi líbí ta první varianta - šedá. Přeji pohodové dny! D. :-)


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